CloudVertical assets acquired by Cloudability What does it mean?

All plans come with a 30 day FREE Trial. No credit card required.

Free Plan

  • Standard Reports
  • 30 days range for Analytics
  • 60 days of data stored
  • No credit card required
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Professional Plan

  • Standard and Custom Reports
  • Unlimited Analytics & data storage
  • Tag-based Analytics
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Activity Stream and Alerts
Monthly spend tracked Plan
Up to $10,000 $49
Up to $25,000 $99
Up to $50,000 $199
Up to $200,000 $499
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  • Multiple users
  • Aggregated Reporting
  • Data Import/Export
  • Private Cloud Support
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How does pricing work for Private and Hybrid Clouds?

Pricing is based on GB/ram hours used during the month and roughly ties to the plan pricing for spend based public cloud accounts.

How is data collected?

There are a numbers of methods you can choose CloudVertical to use to collect data. If you provide AWS IAM credentials, CloudVertical polls the AWS API and CloudWatch data every 30 minutes to monitor capacity and usage and then applies your AWS price book (as well as historical prices as these, especially for spot instances, change regularly) to provide cost and usage analytics.

Additionally or alternatively you can connect the AWS Programmatic Bill, in which case CloudVertical polls the S3 bucket this report is stored in.

Finally you may elect to use the CloudVertical Open Source Collector (link) to run on an Instance (or data centre server if not on the Public Cloud) which polls the AWS data and encrypts it before it is send to CloudVertical.

What services are supported?

You may sign up online and connect AWS or Heroku. If you wish to submit data from virtualization tools such as VMware Vsphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft HyperV or Private Cloud platforms like vCloud Director, OpenStack or CloudStack - you may use the Open Source Collector or contact us for a custom deployment.

Is it secure?

Yes. CloudVertical takes read-only data and cannot impact operations. Data is encrypted and inaccessible by anyone other than the account holder. Furthermore, CloudVertical has an open source collector (link) that you can use to collect and send encrypted data if you would like a further layer of security.

How long is data stored for?

Until you cancel your account or request data to be deleted. CloudVertical stores all the capacity and usage data, as well as your price table (if different than the officially published prices of your Cloud Provider) so that you run historical analysis and reports.

What if I exceed my selected plan usage?

No problem we will not charge you excess fees. If you are consistently using more than your selected plan type we will contact you and work on an upgrade path that makes sense for your company.

Is there an agent on my instances?

No. CloudVertical does not run any agents, there is no software to install at any point.